A review of Freesportsbet, Cent Sports and Sportsplay betting in 2014.


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freesportsbet.comUpdated In November, 2021 - Many visitors to this web site end up here when searching for It is important to note that and are not related to each other in any way. was open from 2009 to 2014. In late 2014 they shut down their web site. acquired in August, 2011. Centsports had a service that legally allowed Americans to place bets for free. They would credit a users account with $.10, which the user could bet. If a user turned the free money into $20 or more they were able to compete in a brackets system and win the ability to cashout. Centsports would send the winnings to the players via check. users could generate more money by inviting friends. When shut down there were not too many people upset about it.


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U.S. Sports Book Free Sports Bets & Money Offers In November, 2021
U.S. Payouts
freesportsbets Free wager promotions at Bovada vary
3-7 days
cent sports Risk free $50 mobile bet, $25 horse bet, $25 in-play sports bet & $25 live casino bet
1-5 days
sportsplay betting $125 in risk-free bets, cashback and rebates
1-5 days
centsports 2014 Free $25 mobile bet and $100 in bonus free bets
5-10 days
free bets at 2014 $10 Free, Free $5 Bet, 50% Bonus Up To $250
5-10 days acquires - did they steal money?

When acquired there was a pretty big scandal. Thousands of customers had the money they had worked so hard to accumulate turned into worthless bonus money. Many Cent Sports users accused Free Sports Bet of stealing their money. They also made cashing out winnings nearly impossible. & closes and redirected to

In 2014 both Free Sports Bet and Cent Sports were closed and redirected to I do not know if SportsPlays acquired and or if it was a simple rebranding. They still offer free sports bets, offer picks and run betting contests but not many Centsports and FreeSportsBet users have started using the new website. What was once a great and innovative service developed by Victor Palmer is basically dead. do not have a system in place that allows users to receive free sports betting money and the ability to place wagers, build the money up and cashout. I should note that does not offer free bankrolls in the same way. What we do is find free bet deals at the best US sportsbooks online in 2014 and 2014. You can visit these sports books and claim the free money, which ranges from $5 to $50. These bookmakers are the real deal.


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- News article about the take-over of and the alleged theft.