Free Sports Bet Guide

A guide to getting the most out of free sports bets at online sportsbooks in 2014.


what are free sports bet? How do free bets work at sports books?

guide to free sports betting 2014The term "free sports bet" can be somewhat confusing. When some people look for free sports bets they are actually looking for sportsbook bonuses. Others are looking for free bets at sports books with no deposit required. Not all free sport bet offers fall into these two categories though. The best USA sports books online in 2014 both offer something that isn't a deposit bonus but neither is it a no-deposit free sports bet. Bovada and Betonline - the top two U.S. friendly sports books - each offer free bets. Bovada Sports will give you a $10 free bet when you place a $20 parlay wager. Obviously you must deposit first but there are some other free sports wager opportunities at this US book and others. Betonline Sports has more and larger free bet offers in 2014 than any other Internet sportsbook for U.S. citizens. They have a live betting platform and we have worked out a free bet offer to encourage sports bettors to give it a try. You get to place a $25 free live in-play betting wager. If your bet wins you will obviously win whatever the odds indicate. If you do not win Bet Online will refund you the $25. Other US sports books with free bets make it difficult to withdraw your winnings. At Bovada and Betonline it could not be any easier. Some, like, force users to spend weeks trying to build up the $20 cashout minimum.

This risk-free live bet does require the use of our link when you initially visit and it is only valid on your first live wager. BetOnline and have a second free bet offer for 2014. The value for this one is doubled - $50 - and is for your first mobile sports bet. Usually free-play bonuses and such are $5-$10 so BetOnline's $25 & $50 free bet offers are considerably larger.

U.S. Sports Book Free Sports Bets & Money Offers In January, 2022
U.S. Payouts
free sports betting guide Free wager promotions at Bovada vary
3-7 days
free sports bets guides Risk free $50 mobile bet, $25 horse bet, $25 in-play sports bet & $25 live casino bet
1-5 days
guide to free sports bets $125 in risk-free bets, cashback and rebates
1-5 days
freebetn betguide Free $25 mobile bet and $100 in bonus free bets
5-10 days
free bets guide 2014 $10 Free, Free $5 Bet, 50% Bonus Up To $250
5-10 days

list of free bets and cash bonuses available to Americans

The type of free bet and the terms and conditions will determine the best strategy for winning money through this promo. I will briefly outline the free play / free bet deals below.

how do free sports bets work? guide to free wagers at U.S. sports books

Free bets are sometimes referred to as free-plays. As I mentioned earlier there are different kinds of free wager deals available at the leading U.S.A. free sports betting sites. Free sports betting money is usually credited immediately, in cash. Sometimes the free bet money is credited in the form of a bonus and thus must be earned. All sports books with free bets in 2014 have rules in place to prevent bettors from taking advantage of the promotion. If you claim a $10 free bet at an online bookmaker you will not be allowed to cash it out instantly. You will usually have to wager around 5-10X the value of the free bet before you can request a withdrawal of the free wager money or any winnings generated by the free cash. Any money given to you by a sports book can technically be considered a free bet. This even goes for deposit bonuses. What are you going to do with bonus money if not place wagers with it?

Free Sport Bets:

Sportsbook bonuses tend to be much larger than stand-alone free bet offers. The roll-over, play-through or clearance requirements are typically higher as well.

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Go for the big payout 0r the sure thing? Risking a risk-free bet

There are two schools of thought when it comes to using a free bet. You can go big by betting on a longshot or you can be more conservative and wager on a coin-flip type wager like a moneyline or a spread. I personally like to meet in the middle. Instead of wagering on a 5,000/1 prop or a 1:1 over/under, I prefer to use my free bets on straight wagers by betting on the underdog. Here is an example: Chicago Bears -220, Detroit Lions +330. If I use a $100 free bet on the Lions and they win I will have turned my free bet into $330. Its not a lot but the odds are not too bad.