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The best free sports bet offers at online sportsbooks in 2014. This free sports betting guide cover the best USA online sportsbooks and sports betting sites for free wager offers.


free sports bets in 2014 - real cash at free sports betting sites

free sports betUpdated In January, 2022 - Finding free sports bets can be hard if you do not know where to look. The term "free sports bets" can also mean two different things. It can mean free sports bet picks or an actual free sports bet. I know of a few U.S. online sportsbooks with free sports bet offers in 2014. You basically get to make a free sports bet and if your wager wins you will get to keep the money. Free bets at sports betting sites usually have some strings attached. You will not be able to cash out the winnings from your free sport bet until you wager a certain amount of money. I will use the USA friendly Betonline sports book as an example. They will give you a $50 free sports bet when you use their mobile betting platform for the first time. They will also give you a $25 free bet when you place your first live betting wager. This deals are only available when you use the links on the website in 2014. Visit this page for a more detailed list of USA sportsbooks with free bets. Free sportsbook money and sports book bonuses have the easiest withdrawal requirements out of all the types of gambling bonuses. For instance, free USA sportsbook bets and bonuses can be cashed out quicker and easier than poker site bonuses or no deposit casino bonuses in 2014. Free money at sports betting sites open to USA citizens usually has a 5-20X wagering requirement before you can withdraw any of the free cash. No deposit casino bonuses tend to require 50-100X. Here are the top free bet offers at the best U.S. sportsbooks in 2014.

U.S. Sports Book Free Sports Bets & Money Offers In January, 2022
U.S. Payouts
free online betting sites 2014 Free wager promotions at Bovada vary
3-7 days
free sports betting sites for americans in 2014 Risk free $50 mobile bet, $25 horse bet, $25 in-play sports bet & $25 live casino bet
1-5 days
free bet sites for usa 2014 $125 in risk-free bets, cashback and rebates
1-5 days
free betting sites online usa Free $25 mobile bet and $100 in bonus free bets
5-10 days
2014 free betting websites usa $10 Free, Free $5 Bet, 50% Bonus Up To $250
5-10 days

Free $5 + $10 Bet At The Bovada Sportsbook Every Week

The Bovada sports book has two unique free bet offers. The total monetary value is only $15 but you can claim this free betting money every week. Most free bets are one time deals. The first is a $10 free bet. You only need to place a $20 parlay wager to receive this free bet and it has to also be a parlay. Bovada is the top parlay betting site in the world so this will not be an issue. is open to Americans and has very fast U.S. payouts. The next free bet is a $5 wager. You only need to bet $10 on the "Prop of the Week" to claim this free $5. Depositing sports bettors will receive a 50% bonus up to $250. Bovada is also the biggest USA poker room and one of the leading online casinos. Use the link below to visit this sportsbook and claim the free sports bets. This no-deposit bonus at Topbet is valid in 2014. Find more information about thus USA sportsbook on this 2014 Topbet review.

$50 Free Sports Bet offer - free sports bets for Americans in 2014

free sports bets is one of the major USA sports betting sites in 2014. Americans have few quality sportsbook s to bet at and Bet Online is one of the only ones that give new players free sports betting money. There are two main free sports bet deals open to Americans in 2014. When you use the links on to visit Betonline and create an account you will receive several free sports bets and other perks. One is a $50 free bet to get users to try out their mobile betting platform, which is one of the best online in 2014. The other is a $25 free bet to get new users to try out their live in-play betting feature, also one of the best online in 2014. If you decide to deposit you will also receive a 50% bonus up to $2,500 at this online sportsbook for US players. Other promos include $10 in free money to try their skill game room, a free $25 live dealer casino wager, a free $25 horse race bet and a 7& rebate on your betting action. is so popular because they have the easiest American deposit methods and the fastest payouts in 204. Both Visa and Mastercard work just fine for U.S. citizens at Betonline. Cashouts at Bet Online takes 1-7 days. Well, perhaps not the fastest. reported of the fastest paying US poker sites, sportsbooks, casinos and gambling sites in 2014 that Bovada and Betonline pay out just as quick and sometimes even faster than Top Bet.

About us - versus sportsPlays, & centsports

The staff at Freesportsbets works hard to find genuine free sports betting site deals for you. We do not operate the same was as , or Those free betting sites will give you $.10 or $1 and you may spend hours trying to turn it into $20, starting over from scratch when you lose. Once you reach the minimum withdrawal requirement you have to win a further bracket contest just for the ability to withdraw the money. If you make it this far you have to jump through hoops for weeks, hoping that the company doesn't find a way to deny you the payout. Seems like an awful lot of trouble for $20. These sites are not real sportsbooks and their free bet deals are anything but free.

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They will pay you $.02 to make a lengthy post on their forum. If you are a good sports writer and have some free time please contact me. I can get you hooked up earning $.3-$.10/word writing articles. Those other places pay you around 100-250X less. It is essentially a form of slavery. They are making a lot of money off of you but they give so little back. They con you into giving up contact info for your friends and then they spam them. Sure, you can earn a penny here and a penny there but isn't your time worth more than that?

The free bets we have negotiated for you at legit online sportsbooks for US citizens in 2014 do have some minor requirements to prevent fraud. The free $5 and $10 wagers at Bovada for instance have a 6X wagering requirement. This means that if you claim the free $10 wager and win, you will have to wager $60 before you can cash out your winnings.

This isn't a problem because if you have money to cash out that means you won your free bet and thus have a decent bankroll. Placing six $10 wagers on even money bets is a good way to go because even if you are unlucky and lose 4 out of 6 you will still have $20. At those other free sports betting sites it will take weeks or months of grueling work for pennies for the chance to withdraw $20. At our feature USA sportsbooks - real genuine bookmakers - you can claim the free cash, meet the requirements and pickup the cash via Western Union or Moneygram within a few days. Or they can send you a check via DHL in about a week.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans place bets at Bovada and Betonline every day. Freesportsbets has worked out exclusive 2014 free betting site deals at each and you can claim them at both books.

claiming our free sports bets online in 2014

To claim our sports free bets you will need to use our links to visit the USA online sportsbook in question. If you have visited the bookmaker's web site recently you should clear your cookies first. Then proceed to their promotional pages and you will see our special free bet deals and the terms and conditions. There are some wagering requirements for these free bet deals that you will have to fulfil before you withdraw any of your free bet winnings. has teamed up with the top online sports books, bookmakers and free betting sites in 2014. You can probably figure out what we will be offering; free sport bets. The term" free sport bet " can mean more than one thing. Free sports betting sites like Freesportsbets and have a directory of online sports books that offer free bets to their customers. These free bet offers are risk-free wagers that users can win money from. Their offers are found at genuine online bookmakers and they mainly list U.S. sportsbooks in 2014 that offer free bets. If you are looking for legit free sports bets at real online sportsbooks you are in the right place. The other kinds of free bets include gimmicks/scams - like - that involve a company giving you $.10 to bet and forcing you to spend hours try to build it up to $20 for a cashout, at which time they find some reason not to pay you (i.e. Sportsplays). The real money free sport bet offers below are all at USA sports books in 2014. Some require a deposit first and others do not.

how does a free sport bet work?

Most of the time a free sports betting site or sports book with free bets will refund a wager if you lose. For instance, at Betonline you can make a $50 mobile sports bet for free. It has to be your very first mobile sports bet. If your $50 wager loses they will refund you $50, making it a risk-free bet. If your bet wins they do not refund you. This is the fastest paying US gambling site in 2014. Does it really matter if they only refund the money if your bet loses? Does it really matter if you need money in your account first? You must understand that some younger people simply want free money and will try to play the system by making multiple accounts. Because of lowlifes like that sportsbooks like Bet Online can't just give $50 to everyone who signs up. They reserve the free sports bets for people who actually intend on placing wagers for real money. If you want to claim this free bet you can use our link to visit them - it provides the free bet offer - and make a deposit. Americans will find that they can easily deposit at Bet Online in 2014. They are the only large US sports book to accept Mastercard and Visa, usually its just Visa. Payouts take 1-2 days for money transfer and 3-10 days for checks.

Want more free sports betting money?

Betonline may be the fastest paying US gambling site but Bovada is not far behind. When you visit and sign up for a free account you will be able to claim several free bets. The Bovada free bets are not as large or numerous as Bet Online's. The consist of free $5-$10 wagers but users can claim them week after week.

Here is some other important information you will need to know about Bovada in 2014:

No-deposit free sports bets pin 2014 - free bet that does not require a deposit

There are very few no-deposit free sports bets in 2014. How could a sports book stay in business if they gave away free bets without a deposit? Bookmakers are Betonline and Bovada have millions of customers in the USA alone in 2014. If either of them ran a $10 free sport bet promo that does not require a deposit there would be millions of people claiming it. That is a lot of money. They are not running scams like those other free betting sites so they actually honor all payouts. They have been online for nearly 30 years (combined) and have worked hard to keep their reputation strong. A free sport bet offer at either book is designed to reward both new and existing customers.

More on free sports betting and the sportsbooks that offer free wagers

The world of online sports betting is growing very rapidly as we head into 2014. Legal US sportsbooks are right around the corner and it has been legal in most of Europe for a long time. Online betting sites - known as sportsbooks, bookmakers or bookies - will sometimes give new customers free sport bets. It usually works like this. The sports betting site will give you a free $5-$50 bet on a sport event. If you win the bet you will get to keep the winnings. If you lose the bet it doesn't cost you anything, it is completely risk free. Free sport bets can be designed for people who have never made a deposit or those who already have money in their accounts. Some of you may be looking for something different. In the past there have been sites like Centsports and Freesportsbet. These sites will give you $.10 and you can place with it. After wasting week or months - often having to fill out surveys, posting on their forum for $.01/post or provide the company with the person info of friends and family members which they use to spam them - you may be one of the few lucky enough to turn your $.10 into $20, the minimum for a cashout. The real fun begins when you request your withdrawal. The average cashout time at Sportsplays, which owns the two previously mentioned free betting sites, is just under 10 months. From polls at online betting forums I have determined that roughly only 1 out of 15 people who request a cashout actually receive it, just enough to give the impression that you MAY get paid and that they are not a total scam.

Sounds like a big waste of time right? Well, that's because it is. The free sports bets featured here are at genuine online sports books. These companies accept hundreds of millions of dollars in wagers each year. The U.S. sportsbooks tend to have the best free bet offers so I have only listed bookmakers that accept U.S. citizens. This may surprise some people but Bovada (owned by Canadian entrepreneur Calvin Ayre) owned by is actually a huge billion dollar company. They have dominated the U.S. online betting, poker and casino gambling market for around 14 years. They have music, TV and soft drink enterprises around the world and many big name celebrities in the USA hold accounts with them. I won't name names but many U.S. politicians, celebrities, athletes and millions of everyday Americans place bets at Bovada. They have earned the trust of sports fans, poker players and casino gamblers for over a decade. Some U.S. citizens may believe that all online gambling sites are scams - and there have been shady gambling sites in the past - but going into 2014 I think that it is safe to say that Bovada's 14 years of promptly paying out on winning bets excludes them from the "scam" list. They are routinely featured on ESPN, USA Today and have an A rating at SBR.

free sports bets at in January of 2014

The Bovada sportsbook has two regular free bet offers that users can claim every week. The first is called the Prop of the Week promotion. all you need to do is like them on Facebook, bet $10 on their "Prop of the Week", an NFL football proposition bet for instance, and the following week you will receive a free $5 wager credit that you can use on their mobile betting platform. The other free sport bet at Bovada is setup in a similar fashion but it is for parlay bets instead of prop bets.

New Free NFL Bet At Bovada (Limited Time Only)

They recently added a new free bet promo as well. I am not sure how long time will be running. You can claim up to $50 in free bets when you join their Prop Squad. To do so you have to wager $20 or more on a Matt Forte prop bet. Regardless of if your bet wins or not Bovada will give you a free $10 betting credit. You can claim this free bet five times, once per week. This and free bet deals like it are common at Bovada. In a couple months there will likely be a new free bet promotion. I can't promise to have the most up to date free wagers listed here for Bovada since they change them all of the time. If you use our link to visit and sign up for a free account you will be eligible for all free bets and the best bonuses if you decide to deposit. I suggest you visit their promotions page after creating an account to see what free sports betting money deals are being offered at the time.

Here is some other important information you will need to know about Bovada in January of 2014:

frees bets at betonline - more free money than any other free sports betting site in January, 2014

Betonline is Bovada's archenemy in the USA sports betting, poker, horse betting and casino market. They came out around 13 years ago and have earned a reputation that rivals Bovada's for fairness, quick payouts and competitive lines. They also offer many more free bets in January, 2014. They have free sports bets, free casino bets, free horse racing bets and even free money at their skill game room, the only place where Americans can play games like Yahtzee, Spades, Gin Rummy and other classic for real money. Free bet hunters will likely appreciate free casino wagers as much as free sports bets so I will list them all below.

Here is some other important information about Betonline in January of 2014: